Sunday, 8 June 2014

May Favourites - Rolling into Summer

There have been quite a few things i have been loving lately over the month of May and i wanted to share them with you here :-)

Been wearing these hair donuts quite a bit over May. I have two sizes. In the pictures i am wearing the larger one. I got these from Primark. A quick and easy way to shove your hair up but still giving it a nice style.

These sunglasses i have been wearing as much as i can as we have been lucky with weather lately.  Love the style and lens colour too. I got these from Duty Free North Terminal at Gatwick Airport.
I got these shoes from SHOE ZONE These have been a popular choice of shoe for me latley. It has been nice weather in England so i have had more chances to wear these. They are comfy for wearing in the day as well as the evening.
I love Body Butters from THE BODY SHOP
This one i have especially been loving as it first smells of coconut which i love and it is a summery smell to me. It also has a shimmer to it so it looks so nice. 
I have had this Lipstick a while.... I have started using it again lately though and love it. It is just a really nice colour. From BOOTS
I love the smell of this deodorant.  My boyfriend bought this for me as i was nearly out of mine, i usually buy Mitchum.  When i used this one i loved the smell so much i re bought it. I think my boyfriend got it from TESCO
I got this belt from NEW LOOK I love this belt because it goes with a lot of my dresses. It is white which i love and have white shoes and bag to always match up.
I have loved this Lemon Green Tea for ages now. Since i started eating healthy this is now a part of my daily routine, i usually have 3 mugs a day. From TESCO
I recently got this chocolate and loved it. It is a healthier option of chocolate as it is 72% dark chocolate. There are higher % ones but i don't like them as much, i think 70% is my limit.  As i am eating healthy though this has been a favourite choice of mine. TESCO
I always love having mints with me but Smints have been a go to favourite over any others. They are strong peppermint and give you nice fresh breath. These i got from the till in Tesco where they usually sell the cigarettes, single chocolate bars..etc
I wear these bracelets almost on a daily basis. My boyfriend bought me the PANDORA one and the other one is from ARGOS and this one says 'Sutton Rhona' on the link part of it.

I wear these eye masks every morning. The blue one i got from La Senza a while back and the pink one i think i had in a gift set for christmas one time.
The next item is a hair brush cleaner. I got this free when i bought something from a beauty show once but i use this a lot to clean my brushes, it is so quick and i love using it lately.

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  1. Love a good Hair donut I love the XL ones for a even bigger bun, oooo they do a shimmer coconut body cream I love the normal one defo being added to the holiday suitcase. Following now love the post :D

    1. Thanks so much :-) Yeaa think i need a bigger donut :-) x


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