Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Get Your Daily Exercise

This past week i have started to do daily walks, mostly with the dog which is good for him too :-)
I go for an hour each day and whilst it has been nice weather it has been nice finding new routes around where i live, some woodland area's i didn't even know about :-)
I use an app called 'Map My Walk' which i find quite good, it records your route, pace, time and calories. I also have another app for when i go for outdoor runs, that one is the nike+ app. I find them both really motivating. There are lots more involved in each app so go check them out :-)

The first three photo's were taken on my iphone, the rest are from my Canon camera on a different day 

It is so nice walking further than i usually would, seeing nice places and just taking in the fresh air and seeing the nature that is around :-)
Just getting out of the house and giving yourself at least one hour of exercise a day is really good for you, i also try to walk a fast pace to get my heart rate up more. My dog is a hyper little one too so he makes it the full hour with me, i took him for a 3k run recently and he was better than me :-/ ha!

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