Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Arundel Town, Picnic & Rowing Boats

It was Fathers day on Sunday and i went out with my boyfriend and his parents to Arundel which is near the south coast.
It was cloudy for the majority of the day, the sun only peaked out a few times. So did get a little chilly when the clouds were over.
It was a nice day though, we walked through the town to start with and stopped in a few places to have a browse and then had a bite to eat in a cafe.

Arundel is a nice place to visit. I went there once or twice when i was younger with my grandparents and mum.
They have Arundel castle there too which you can visit.

I really do love the second photo above, i love how the trees frame the castle :-)
Anyway so after the town, we walked up the road, over the bridge to a lake where there is another cafe and boat hire. We found a place to set up the picnic and enjoyed chilling on top of the hill for a bit. After we finished we had a go on the rowing boats.

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