Monday, 23 June 2014

Ibiza Holiday Memories

I went to Ibiza last year in June. I always look back at my photo's and video's and realise how much i really missed the place and want to go back!!!

I had always wanted to go to Ibiza and it was my first time going last year. I loved it as much as i new i would. I had never been on a party/drinking holiday like that so it was different for me.

We booked a package deal with Hindsight. As my mate who was DJing new people and had been going to Ibiza for about 6 years he sorted most things for us, including the place to stay and showing us around, etc

View from Kanya Bar
West End bars

I invited my friend from work to come out with me. We then met up with a mate of mine who was DJing out in Ibiza and he brought one of his mates too. We all stayed in Formentera Apartments, just a five minute walk from the beach. We went down to Kanya bar where my mate DJ'd a few times which was a ten minute walk just from the beach. The first photo above is a view from the Kanya bar.

Sunset Strip
Sunset Strip
Sunset Strip 
Bora Bora Beach
It is hard to include everything in a holiday post as we did so much and there would be so much i could chat about! :-)

We also visited the Sunset Strip which was AMAZING!!! beautiful sunset views, nice music and it got really busy too. We would buy drink from a shop then go sit down sunset strip before heading out for the night.

We got the bus one day to visit Bora Bora beach which was really good. Another day we went on a boat party too which i was extremely excited for. I don't know what it is about music on a boat but i just loved it and to be honest it went too quick!

Sunset Strip
At Kanya Bar
Kanya Bar
Sunset Strip
Bora Bora Beach
We visited one of the top clubs, Privilege. Again...amazing!!! The atmosphere was so good and the place was so big, i did get lost at times, lol Other nights we went down The West End which was a strip of bars which was fun too. Most nights i get back to the room at about 6am but would be up again about 9 or 10 and be heading straight for the beach :-)

Boat Party. And i loved my top i says Keep calm and party like your in ibiza :-)
Boat party
West End Bars
Kanya Bar
West End Bars
Walk down from the Sunset Strip
I hope you enjoyed this post. It is late as this was last year but as i keep going through photo's remembering all the good times i thought why not share on here and i can write about it all, get it out my system a bit, lol
Even when i am writing this i am getting so excited like it just happened yesterday, lol :-)

I also just uploaded a video to youtube of this holiday.
I do a beauty and fashion channel but just made a new vlogging type channel so i have uploaded it to there, check it out!! Don't forget to subscribe if you like my video's :-)

Click here for Ibiza video

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Summer/Festival Hairstyles

I love the summer. My favourite style for this season is the Beachy/Bohemian look.
This style can also come under the Festival or Hippy look too, it is hard giving it just one name type,lol

I came up with 3 hairstyles which i am in love with. It is the effortless look and they don't take long to do at all.
For all 3 styles i have added my extensions to add more thickness.

1st Style

I started with a middle parting and i used my hair straighteners to get these waves. I did two random plaits in my hair but didn't use a hair tie, i thought this gave it a more textured beach look. I also did two plaits on the top and pinned these at the side of my head. The head piece i am wearing is from Primark. It is quite old, i found it though and thought it was perfect with this look :-)

Style 2

This style is a simple side plait, although i opted for a fishtail plait instead. I don't own any small flower hair pieces so i made a daisy chain from the garden and added this within my plait which i actually really loved :-) I then just twisted my hair at the top and pinned to the sides of my head. I felt that the twists matched the twist in the plait quite well.

Style 3

This hair style is the most quickest and easiest to do. It is two normal plaits. I didn't neaten the parting at the back either, just grabbed my hair into two sections with my hands. I then added this hair flower which i got a while ago from Primark. I definitely think Primark is really good for there accessories. (nice and cheap) :-)

Let me know which style you liked the best? 

I made a youtube video on these looks and the makeup too, check it out. Click the youtube link below:

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Makeup i am wearing:

Concealer: Soap and Glory - Kick Ass
Foundation: 8-in-1 BB Cream by Maybelline (Medium)
Powder: Clear Complexion by Rimmel
Bronzer: Bourjois Paris 
Blusher: Rimmel (Pink Rose)

Eyelid primer: Elf
Eyeshadow: No 17 Glitter eyeshadow in Chalice
Eyeliner: Aveda pencil - brown (914/cacao)
Mascara: Aveda - brown (02 earth)

Lips: Lip crayon from a gift set (doesn't have a name) ... :-(

Dress: Primark


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Get Your Daily Exercise

This past week i have started to do daily walks, mostly with the dog which is good for him too :-)
I go for an hour each day and whilst it has been nice weather it has been nice finding new routes around where i live, some woodland area's i didn't even know about :-)
I use an app called 'Map My Walk' which i find quite good, it records your route, pace, time and calories. I also have another app for when i go for outdoor runs, that one is the nike+ app. I find them both really motivating. There are lots more involved in each app so go check them out :-)

The first three photo's were taken on my iphone, the rest are from my Canon camera on a different day 

It is so nice walking further than i usually would, seeing nice places and just taking in the fresh air and seeing the nature that is around :-)
Just getting out of the house and giving yourself at least one hour of exercise a day is really good for you, i also try to walk a fast pace to get my heart rate up more. My dog is a hyper little one too so he makes it the full hour with me, i took him for a 3k run recently and he was better than me :-/ ha!

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Arundel Town, Picnic & Rowing Boats

It was Fathers day on Sunday and i went out with my boyfriend and his parents to Arundel which is near the south coast.
It was cloudy for the majority of the day, the sun only peaked out a few times. So did get a little chilly when the clouds were over.
It was a nice day though, we walked through the town to start with and stopped in a few places to have a browse and then had a bite to eat in a cafe.

Arundel is a nice place to visit. I went there once or twice when i was younger with my grandparents and mum.
They have Arundel castle there too which you can visit.

I really do love the second photo above, i love how the trees frame the castle :-)
Anyway so after the town, we walked up the road, over the bridge to a lake where there is another cafe and boat hire. We found a place to set up the picnic and enjoyed chilling on top of the hill for a bit. After we finished we had a go on the rowing boats.

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