Monday, 26 May 2014

Golf and Lunch - OOTD

Bank Holiday weekend is nearly over and yesterday i went to a golf driving range and lunch with my boyfriend +family.
The weather was sunny with some clouds and was warm in the sun but could feel slightly chilly in the shade.

We played some golf first then had a nice Sunday Roast.

Converse Trainers: Boyfriend got them for my birthday
Leggings: Primark or George Asda?
White Top: River Island
Green top: New Look
Jean Jacket: New Look
Bag: New Look

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

OOTD 50's Inspired + Picnic

It was a nice warm day today, it didn't reach really hot temperatures but was still nice so me and my boyfriend decided to go out for a picnic :-)

We had a nice view from where we sat and also the field next to use had lots of sheep. We also had a random Pheasant walk quite close to us and i managed to get a good picture of it. I did take all of these pics with my iphone as i forgot to bring out my canon SLR camera :-(

So today i felt 50's inspired. I curled my hair and added the red lippy to finish it off.

Sorry about the chunky looking knees in this photo :-/ lol

Polkadot Playsuit: New Look (a while ago, i just google polkadot playsuit and much better ones come up, i don't like my one as much anymore but for now i just wear it until i can replace with a better one!)
Cardigan: New Look
Shoes: Shoe Zone
Sunglasses: Duty Free Gatwick Aiport (North Terminal to be exact) Brand - Bloc Eyewear
Bandana (Headband) - Was my mums
Bag: Primark
Red Lipstick: Kate Rimmel London - colour 22

As we walked back down we went past the lake and i took a few more pictures as the views looked really nice so to finish of this post here are a few more photo's :-) Hope you liked this post and leave any comments below. 

Photo's taken at Arundel, East Sussex.

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Rock 'n' Roses - OOTD

Outfit Of The Day!

I decided to call these look Rock 'n' Roses as i am wearing a pretty girly dress with roses on but the leather jacket and boots give it that rock edge :-) which i love!

Dress: New Look
Jacket: H&M
Tights (80denier): Primark
Boots: Got given by friend so not sure where from?
Bag: Primark

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Twitter: carlyccxx
Youtube: BeautyWithStyle
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