Friday, 11 April 2014

Holiday to Spain - Alicante

I went to Alicante in Spain for 3 nights with my boyfriend.
I had bought myself a new camera just before we went, one i had been wanting for ages. The Canon SLR D600. I was so happy and excited. Took sooo many photos and video's with it.

We had a morning flight of about 11.30am. So we didn't have to get up early which was alright.
We flew with British Airways and arrived in Allicante at about 16.00pm there time.
When we landed we went to find a taxi and took about 20 minutes to get to our hotel. It was such a nice hotel, 5star :-) The staff were lovely too, the girl came out to the taxi to help with our luggage and took both our suitcases to reception and all the way up to our room too! We also got offered a glass of orange juice which was just amazing! i love orange juice and it was freshly squeezed, cold and refreshing :-) mmmm
Our hotel was a 5 minute walk from the beach and we had the Marina right next to it too which was nice :-)

My boyfriends parents flew out to the same hotel the day before us so we left our luggage in the room and went straight up to the sun terrace to see them. It was slightly chilly in the wind, plus we did get there bit late so had missed the hottest part of the day anyway. After we saw them we went out to get a bite to eat. I had a cheese and ham toastie and orange juice.

The first night we went out for dinner with my boyfriends parents, it was his mums 50th birthday.
I had a rice dish with prawns and squid. We had wine and some bread rolls too.

The next morning we woke up to our first full day in Spain. We went down for our breakfast which was really nice. Staff again was great, food was delicious and always topped up regularly. I mainly ate cornflakes cereal and stocked my plates up of different pastries and some fruit, and of course, lots of freshly squeezed orange juice (the best) The weather was cloudy and bit chilly again so we decided to check out the shops in town and just had a wonder along near the seafront where i also took a lot of photo's. I will share a few but was too many to put them all up! :-)

They also had an outside gym which was kinda cool....the machines wasn't that great tho...pretty naff tbh, lol but was funny to try a things out. A lot of people seem to exercise where we went, i saw sooooo many runners. Definitely gets you motivated to work out :-) 
After walking around the town we stopped for a drink in a outside cafe then went back to the hotel, got changed and went for a run along the seafront and Marina. After we chilled on the sun terrace for a bit and went in the pool.
That night we met up with my boyfriends parents again for a meal. It was their last night as they were getting a morning flight the next day. 

The next day me and Jay went to visit the castle and see the views.

After that we walked the seafront and had some quick lunch then had a lay down on the beach. It was a bit cloudy and when the wind blew did get slightly chilly at times so the beach didn't have a lot of people on.

After that we went to get frozen yogurt which i loved :-)

After that we chilled on the sun terrace and dipped in the pool. We then went out for dinner that night. We had a main course then wondered into the town to find somewhere that did chocolate cake and icecream as i had a craving for it lol
We found a really nice spot with a fountain before we ate pudding and got some nice photo's there.

So i got my chocolate cake...that was delish!!! Had the icecream too just took photo before he brought that over. Jay had the coffee, i don't drink coffee..ew lol

The next day we woke up and had a full day of clear skies and sunshine, out flight wasn't until that night at half past midnight. So we spent the morning laying in the sun at the top of the hotel. We then went for another run, although today, running was harder for me as was really hot so i didn't do as well.
We stopped for a snack after that then went back to the hotel to pack our stuff. We managed to get a free late check out until 2pm so we brought our suitcases down to store in the luggage room and packed the bits in a separate bag to get ready for later. We then went out for some lunch and then back to the hotel to sunbathe some more, needed to get them last tanning moments in :-)
We then showered in the spa/gym toilets and used the bits in our hand luggage to get ourselfs ready for the last meal of the holiday.

That night we had some cocktails. Then went to the same place we went for lunch to have our dinner. We also took a quick walk down the Marina to get some last night time photo's, as it was a nice day the sky was a really nice colour.
Then we hurried back to the hotel, booked our taxi and went back to the airport. lol We arrived back at Gatwick Airport about 1.30am in the morning.

Thanks so much for reading...this post took me ages as sooo many photo's to add. Still loads that i didn't include so tried to cut it down as much as i could. lol if you are still reading then thanks for taking the time and i hope you enjoyed looking at all the photo's :-)

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