Monday, 13 January 2014

Healthy Smoothie | Strawberry & Mango

I made an amazing Smoothie today! Would be even nicer in the summer. It contains Strawberries, Mango, Natural Yogurt and ice cubes.
It is so easy to make, takes about 5-10 minutes.  It is a good option for a healthy snack and if you are trying to build muscle then throw some protein powder in there too. I sometimes add my strawberry protein :-)

First i added half a Mango

Then i added 3 of my Strawberries

I then added half a tub of natural yorgurt 

Then added 5 ice cubes

And this was the final result
MMMMmmmmm was so yummy, it was gone in seconds :-)

Smoothies are so fun to make, you can play around with different fruits and they are a great snack idea if you are trying to be healthy as they have a sweet taste and you are also getting part of your '5 a day'
If you don't like it too thick then you can just add water.

What is your favourite smoothie???

Love Carly x
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