Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Nail Art - Snow design (Christmas inspired)

Hey everyone, it is Christmas Eve today and i wanted to do a cool design on my nails :-)

I chose to do a snow theme...
So i started by painting my nails with a blue colour from the brand 17. It is a metallic polish. You paint your nail then on top of the lid is a metallic foil bit which you hold above the nail as it dries and it gives a really cool effect. I think this gave a better base for the sky effect than a flat colour.

Next i painted a snowman on my middle finger and thumb. I used a cotton bud and dipped it in the nail polish and then just blobbed it on where i wanted the snowman to sit. Then added a red scarf and hat.

This is the white i used and i also used the red colour from this range but forgot to take a photo. The range is 'Nails Supreme' You can search them on google. They have a nail brush like a normal varnish and a dotting tool.
 I then added this black to draw on the buttons, eyes and little stick arms :-)

Next i drew on some snowflakes, one and a half onto my index finger, only one on my ring finger then on my little finger i just did snow drops and also added these on every other nail too.

I then added some clear silver glitter polish over the top to give it some sparkle :-) and finished with a sealer. I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know what nail art you have on your nails this christmas :-)



Sunday, 8 December 2013

Hair dye at home - Doing it myself / Blonde to Brunette

I have been blonde for about one to two years and have had the odd moments where have thought to go brunette.
Before i stayed blonde for so long i was dying my hair at home quite a lot. I use to go from blonde to brown quite a lot, friends never new what hair colour i would be next week, lol
But it is winter and its always nice to go a warm darker colour, i was feeling like a change and my boyfriend said he liked my hair how i use to have it really dark and that it made my eyes look so much nicer soooo just went for it. I didn't really have enough money to get it done at a hairdressers so did it myself :-)

Top left: Megan Fox
Top right: Zooey Deschanel
Bottom left: Michelle Keegan
Bottom right: Stephanie Michelle (youtube - smlx0)
So the pictures above are four pictures are hair colours i found that i LOVED!!!! i came across sooo many hair colours i loved phone was full of them, it happens every time i think to change my colour, lol always takes me a few days to finally make up my mind on a shade and a picture of the final hair colour i choose!

When you do your hair make sure you have covered all areas with old towels or something to prevent getting hair dye the past i have risked it and thought i would be fine, but what did i it on the carpet, my mum wasn't very happy :-/ oops, lol

Also make sure you are wearing some old clothes that you don't mind getting stained? have a towel you can put around your shoulders too. also don't forget old socks, i say this again because yes.....i have ruined a pair of socks by dripping hair dye on the carpet, forgetting about it and then stepping right on it, lol i was useless, haha ..well you can only learn from your mistakes :-)

So the hair dye i have chosen.....i bought a red colour, it is called Plum Passion. I will put this colour on first, wash it out, dry my hair then apply the next colour. The one i went for is called Dark Brasilia Brown. (I bought two of these boxes as i have a set of extensions that i use to thicken up my hair)

All items that are in the red hair dye box

All items that are in the box for the dark brown
One tip: If you put vaseline around your hairline, including all around your ears and back of neck too, it will help prevent the dye from staining your skin. If you find it has got on skin where you haven't applied vaseline, try and remove it as soon as you can. The antibacterial hand gel is a good product though that can help remove any stains on the skin. It worked fine for me :-) Does anyone else have tips they use for dyeing their hair at home? Let me know :-)

Half way through applying the red hair dye, dunno what the stupid pose is for though :-/ lol

Hair after the red dye has been washed out
After the brown hair dye has been applied
I have made a youtube video on this too, you will find it on my youtube channel. Sometimes it is better to see pictures in motion. But... it isn't a video of how to apply product, etc. It is more of a 'before and after' but also slightly in between...type of video! Check it out if your can click here for the video :-)

And the final colour turned out pretty good. It was weird seeing myself with such dark hair at first but i am writing this on the third day now and i am quite liking it. All of my friends say they like it and a few have said i should keep the brown colour :-) I will miss my blonde though and who knows, the blonde might be back for the summer,lol i think if lasted so long with the blonde maybe i am a blonde at heart....but for now...change is good! :-)

Below is two pictures of my blonde hair and then two pictures of my dark brown hair :-)

Thanks for reading :-)

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