Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Clothes Show Live - NEC Birmingham

I went to the Clothes Show yesterday and it was amazing! i went a few years ago with my college class as we did a make up course and was lucky to get a trip to it. Since that day i just loved it so much! want to go again next year.. :)
Me and my friend traveled from up from South of the UK so it took us about 3 hours to get to Birmingham.

I did save up a bit of cash to take with me and ended up hardly buying anything. First thing i wanted was to get my teeth whitened by the company called Megawhite. I wouldn't recommend them :( at first yes your teeth do look slightly whiter but nothing major and now it is the next day they look pretty much the same as they were! waste of money i think, cost £69 which was meant to be a special offer as usually £200 and something. Has anyone else had it done by them?

I got Company and Cosmopolitan magazine for £3 and got a goody bag with it. Also bought a Models Own nail polish and bought it in a set for £10 where you get to choose two nail colours then in the bag you also get a few other goodies.

I found a stand where you could have a photo taken and could be the girl on the front of a book called geek girl so got to wear geek glasses for the photo! :-) (i love geek style) I went in the booth and when i pressed the button i thought it would say something on the screen and count you down so i was looking into the screen and suddenly it flashed at me!! so yeah now my photo just looks confused and not doing any pose which sucks...probably won't get chosen now lol

Another highlight of my day was i saw a guy who is really hot, he went on the show Take Me Out.. last year i think, he also does modelling and is now is the boyfriend of Amy Child's who was on the reality TV show, The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) So i asked to take a photo with him :) i also saw the girl, Gemma from the show too.

So after walking around for a few hours we then went into the big show and that was just amazing! We got to see JLS, they didn't actually perform their songs but DJ'd and hyped up the crowd mainly.
Then the actual fashion started after them, it started with hunky male models all half naked which was probably my fave part...more than seeing JLS lol I think the models in this show are just amazing at what they do, they don't just walk down the catwalk, but dance too and get the audience going, a few of them even ran down into the audience :) There is one model who everyone always cheers for called BB, he was on a show that i watched a little while back called Models, Misfits and Mayhem. He ran right past me up the stairs in his underpants ;) so i reached out to touch him as he came don't worry i didn't grab anything inappropriate! lol The music in this show is just amazing too, really good bass and choice of songs!
Would defo recommend people to go see this show! :)
Hope you enjoyed reading!

I do have a few more pictures on my Twitter so go take a look. @carlyccxx
Most of the actual show though i have added below.

Has anyone else gone to see the show this year? What did you think?

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