Tuesday, 21 August 2012

BODY SHOP - Body Butters

Hi, i want to share about Body Butters... :) now i am sure a lot of you have already heard of these and know how good they are? but if you haven't then you should try them out..they are amazing!!

So i went in to The Body Shop and got a mini set including an exfoliator and the body butter. Now i wasn't a massive fan of the exfoliator as i have used one before from Boots which is a boots own brand and i found it was just as good and had a gorgeous smell...once i repurchase that product i will do a post on it :)

Anyway moving on...the body butter on the other hand is defo one to purchase...they are slightly pricey though, i think about 12.99 each? for the large pots 200ml.
But at the moment they are doing an offer on three (200ml) pots for £20 which is very good so i went back to get the big pots!
So after a while trying to decide on the smells i liked best i picked out the Shea, Moringa and chocomania ones.

I also looked at what skin types they were for...
So the top left one is the Shea smell and is good for very dry skin
Top right is Chocomania and that is also very good for dry skin and i got told is the most richest, thickest one they do, which also helps keep a tan longer.
Then the bottom one is Moringa and is good for normal/dry skin and is more lighter.

Now i will try to describe these smells, it is hard but i will try, so the shea one to me smells more like perfume and smells better once on the skin...once soaked in it smells like a perfume suited for night out/evening musky type smell.
The Moringa one smells more flowery, perfect for a summers day.
The chocomania one...well that one is obvious, smells of orange!!! :D lol only smells of chocolate of course!
So you can use these creams on your body, they are not made for the face though so would not recommend using them for that! You can scoop some product out with a spoon and use in your bath too which will melt and make your bath really nice and make your skin really soft! but yes i have very dry skin on my legs...mainly because of shaving and other small areas, like my elbows and feet. These creams are amazing at making your skin really soft...and the smell lasts on your skin nicely too and leaves you feeling nice and moisturised. A little tip if you have dry feet, put some cream on your feet and put some socks on over night and when you wake up your feet will feel baby soft :) Now because i bought a mini set of creams too, i now have two small pots which i will re use once they are finished...these big pots are great but not the best to carry around if you travel somewhere so will put some in the smaller pots when i go out and about, easier travel size then :)

Have you tried these creams, what did you think of them?



  1. oooh i need the chocomania in my life :D thanks for sharing xx

    1. :) i love chocolate!
      Thank you for reading x

  2. i have the choccomania one!
    its so friggin' good! i just want to stick my nose in it.
    your blog's looking good missus!
    love laura xx

    1. haha! yes it is so nice.
      and thank you :) xx

  3. im actually obsessed with these babies! they smell so delicious i could just eat them! i got a coconut one for christmas! it's heavenly <3

    Alexa <3

  4. Thanks for reading :) the coconut is my other fave xx


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