Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Clothes Show Live - NEC Birmingham

I went to the Clothes Show yesterday and it was amazing! i went a few years ago with my college class as we did a make up course and was lucky to get a trip to it. Since that day i just loved it so much! want to go again next year.. :)
Me and my friend traveled from up from South of the UK so it took us about 3 hours to get to Birmingham.

I did save up a bit of cash to take with me and ended up hardly buying anything. First thing i wanted was to get my teeth whitened by the company called Megawhite. I wouldn't recommend them :( at first yes your teeth do look slightly whiter but nothing major and now it is the next day they look pretty much the same as they were! waste of money i think, cost £69 which was meant to be a special offer as usually £200 and something. Has anyone else had it done by them?

I got Company and Cosmopolitan magazine for £3 and got a goody bag with it. Also bought a Models Own nail polish and bought it in a set for £10 where you get to choose two nail colours then in the bag you also get a few other goodies.

I found a stand where you could have a photo taken and could be the girl on the front of a book called geek girl so got to wear geek glasses for the photo! :-) (i love geek style) I went in the booth and when i pressed the button i thought it would say something on the screen and count you down so i was looking into the screen and suddenly it flashed at me!! so yeah now my photo just looks confused and not doing any pose which sucks...probably won't get chosen now lol

Another highlight of my day was i saw a guy who is really hot, he went on the show Take Me Out.. last year i think, he also does modelling and is now is the boyfriend of Amy Child's who was on the reality TV show, The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) So i asked to take a photo with him :) i also saw the girl, Gemma from the show too.

So after walking around for a few hours we then went into the big show and that was just amazing! We got to see JLS, they didn't actually perform their songs but DJ'd and hyped up the crowd mainly.
Then the actual fashion started after them, it started with hunky male models all half naked which was probably my fave part...more than seeing JLS lol I think the models in this show are just amazing at what they do, they don't just walk down the catwalk, but dance too and get the audience going, a few of them even ran down into the audience :) There is one model who everyone always cheers for called BB, he was on a show that i watched a little while back called Models, Misfits and Mayhem. He ran right past me up the stairs in his underpants ;) so i reached out to touch him as he came don't worry i didn't grab anything inappropriate! lol The music in this show is just amazing too, really good bass and choice of songs!
Would defo recommend people to go see this show! :)
Hope you enjoyed reading!

I do have a few more pictures on my Twitter so go take a look. @carlyccxx
Most of the actual show though i have added below.

Has anyone else gone to see the show this year? What did you think?

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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fashion Show: @ La Avril Boutique

I took part in a fashion show in London for a company called La Avril Boutique.
It was so much fun and i loved meeting everyone. Fashion shows are always so hectic and can be quite stressful before hand, getting prepared and making sure everything is in order. The show then is over before you know it!
I had 4 different outfits to model, including outfits from Whitney Eve collection which if you don't know is the girl from the popular reality TV show called The Hills.

After the show we all stayed around for a few drinks, cake and just chatting getting to know people :)

I have more pictures on my facebook page so check it out and don't forget to 'like' it for regular updates.
...there are still more fashion pics to come, including a mini photoshoot with the photographer before the show. Also the night was filmed too so when i get the video for that i will upload it to my youtube account...all links are just below... :)
Thanks for reading
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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Even better concealer - Clinique

I have been using a concealer from Clinique lately which is a new product, it is called even better concealer.
I found this to be very good. When i apply it i use a cotton bud to put a little bit on the back of my hand and then use my finger to dab it over the areas i want to cover. I have added some pictures to show before and after so you can see how well it covers :)

Left side no concealer - Right side with concealer
This concealer prices at £18.00 and you can purchase it from the Clinique counter at Boots or Debenhams. You can also get it online. I find it is a bit pricey for a small pot. Although you don't need to use much so can last quite long. I will probably look for cheaper concealers still but if i do have enough money i would re-purchase this, for now tho i will keep searching. One thing i like to do is search things on ebay or amazon to see if i can find it a little bit cheaper which is what i might do for this when i run out.

Thanks for reading 
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Monday, 10 September 2012


Hey, so this is bit of a random post...just wanted to talk about life as it has been on my mind latley and just wanted to share my thoughts and hopefully after reading this it might motivate some of you or make you want to try new things...i have read some posts similar and it defiantly made me feel better after :)

So you only live once, i try to think positive, don't like to let things get me down for too long, try not to hold grudges and love to try new things and meet new people, doing things i want to do and not caring about what other people think!

Life is full of ups and downs, you never know what tomorrow will bring. Today i have heard of two deaths, both people taking their own lives and i think it is so sad and just got me thinking about life today which is what prompted me to write this post. 

A lot of us over think things in life, over react to situations that are so small and not even worth the fuss...let something get us down when really it isn't a big deal. You always look back on things and think 'why did i waste all them days being depressed and cry over - whatever it is' you may end up crying for days over something or over think something which will just get you down and depress you for days...after it all though at some point you will always find happiness instead of dragging something on for hours or days...just try push it to the back of your mind and think you will get over it soon so why not do it sooner than later! life goes on, everybody goes through pain, tears, anger but it's best to not let it last for long..once it has happened it is the past and best thing is to concentrate on the future...people's biggest depression is focusing too much on the past and not letting go...

We need to live life to the full every day, if something new comes your way...if you get an oppurtunity..don't be scared to take a risk, what's the worst that could happen. Instead of thinking 'What If?' just take risks and chances, you will look back and be glad you did, at least you tried it. Why just stick to one thing - career wise...if you get stressed because you still don't know what you want to do, don't worry it will come...don't think that you have to be in one career forever! Like me i am 24 now and still not 100% what i really want to do...i am quite open minded anyway so i enjoy a lot of things so instead of trying to pick just one, i just go with the flow and let it come naturally. Its fun for change, who wants to be stuck in one job day in day out for the rest of their lives....all though if you do and you love it then that is fine :)

 If people hate on you don't let it effect you because who cares what anyone thinks of you in life expect your close friends or family. People you don't know, don't know you so don't worry if they want to judge, laugh it off and don't even think about it. I say if someone's got something to say about you bad or good...either way your on their mind ;)  ...i wouldn't even waste my breathe on people who do not care for you. In the end there are millions of people in the world all different, no one is the same and you will always get haters or people who don't agree or like what you you will never please every one but there will also be loads of people just like you who love who you are or what you like? so either way you can't win.... just do what you love and ignore stupid comments from people...if you don't you won't be able to enjoy life to the full.

As you grow older you start to let go of the silly things and not care about what people start to find the real you and do what you want. So if you are still in school, this is coming from a been there done that girl :) and im telling you now you will look back and think why didn't i just be my own person more instead of... following the crowd or being to shy to talk to that fit boy you fancied, etc. i look back and now realise i shouldn't have cared so much and should of took part in more things (but i was shy in school so that was a big problem for me) don't think 'what if' too always stops you from what you really want to do....instead of 'what if' anymore, 'just do it' and don't worry :) if i was in school now i would be so different....but then i suppose sometimes that will just come with age :/ 

If you have a dream go for it...the hard work and effort you put in will be worth it in the end...if you want something bad enough you can make it happen.
Life is precious, smile as much as you can and take chances, live your life how you want, do not take the small things too seriously and have fun :D

Hope this maybe has put some positive thoughts into your head now and your leaving my blog feeling happy and motivated...
Just to point out this all depends on the situations you personally go though in life...i am not saying that you shouldn't cry over things and you shouldn't ever be sad or angry... etc :/ this is just my lookout on life really....i know i have rambled a bit but hope you enjoyed reading!

check out these 2 Bob Marley video's below, two great tunes! especially to conclude my post :) 

Music is one thing that makes me happy and can chill me out if i am feeling down...different type of music can change your mood...just if your feeling sad please don't be tempted to put a love song on and cry even more...exactly something i use to do...don't know why we do it to ourselves...but BE STRONG :) lol instead put a upbeat tune on, dance around and forget your worries! 

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

BODY SHOP - Body Butters

Hi, i want to share about Body Butters... :) now i am sure a lot of you have already heard of these and know how good they are? but if you haven't then you should try them out..they are amazing!!

So i went in to The Body Shop and got a mini set including an exfoliator and the body butter. Now i wasn't a massive fan of the exfoliator as i have used one before from Boots which is a boots own brand and i found it was just as good and had a gorgeous smell...once i repurchase that product i will do a post on it :)

Anyway moving on...the body butter on the other hand is defo one to purchase...they are slightly pricey though, i think about 12.99 each? for the large pots 200ml.
But at the moment they are doing an offer on three (200ml) pots for £20 which is very good so i went back to get the big pots!
So after a while trying to decide on the smells i liked best i picked out the Shea, Moringa and chocomania ones.

I also looked at what skin types they were for...
So the top left one is the Shea smell and is good for very dry skin
Top right is Chocomania and that is also very good for dry skin and i got told is the most richest, thickest one they do, which also helps keep a tan longer.
Then the bottom one is Moringa and is good for normal/dry skin and is more lighter.

Now i will try to describe these smells, it is hard but i will try, so the shea one to me smells more like perfume and smells better once on the skin...once soaked in it smells like a perfume suited for night out/evening musky type smell.
The Moringa one smells more flowery, perfect for a summers day.
The chocomania one...well that one is obvious, smells of orange!!! :D lol only smells of chocolate of course!
So you can use these creams on your body, they are not made for the face though so would not recommend using them for that! You can scoop some product out with a spoon and use in your bath too which will melt and make your bath really nice and make your skin really soft! but yes i have very dry skin on my legs...mainly because of shaving and other small areas, like my elbows and feet. These creams are amazing at making your skin really soft...and the smell lasts on your skin nicely too and leaves you feeling nice and moisturised. A little tip if you have dry feet, put some cream on your feet and put some socks on over night and when you wake up your feet will feel baby soft :) Now because i bought a mini set of creams too, i now have two small pots which i will re use once they are finished...these big pots are great but not the best to carry around if you travel somewhere so will put some in the smaller pots when i go out and about, easier travel size then :)

Have you tried these creams, what did you think of them?


Friday, 17 August 2012

Fashion & Beauty Haul (17-08-2012)

I went into town today only planning to buy an outfit for tonight as going out with some friends.
Instead i came back with more and didn't even get the outfit to go out! lol

I have needed some new stuff anyway so whilst i was looking around town trying to make up my mind on an outfit which by the way was so hard...too much i wanted lol
I went into Boots and stopped at the Clinique counter, got some facial bits, cleansing foam, clarifying lotion and clearing mosituriser and then separately bought a concealer. I also took away a tester of some foundation which the girl put in a pot for me which was nice idea, a lot more product than if you was given a sachet. I recommend going to the counters in your local Boots store and collecting a few testers if you can :)
Then as i paid she gave me a nice tin with a few mini products in which was really good too and was free :)

So i also went to Republic clothes shop and got shorts, jumper and some jewellery. In the Body shop i bought a gift set of body butter, body scrub, shower gel and a body washer...not sure what you would call it, sure they have a name and maybe my mind is just going blank but yeah you can see in the picture below anyway :-D so i decided to buy the mini versions of these as i wanted to test them out first as wasnt sure which one to get and i bought mine in the vanilla smell.
On top of all this i also bought myself a large hair donut. I have the smaller one already but for me i wanted my bun to be bigger! Then got some fake eyelashes, the eylure ones as they seem to be the best for me.

 Peace bracelet £6.00  ♥  Cross bracelet £4.00 ♥  
Cross ring £6.00 ♥  Heart necklace £7.00 (All Republic)

Shorts £30.00 (Republic) Jumper £18.00 ♥ (Republic)
Clinique anti-blemish solutions £30.00 (Boots) Eyelashes £5.49  (Boots)

♥ Body Butter set £10.00 (Body Shop) ♥ Clinique FREE goodie tin ♥ (Boots)
♥ Clinique concealer £18.00 (Boots) ♥ Hair donut £5.00 ♥ (Claire's Accessories)

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