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Hey everyone, there are always staple items you need in your wardrobe for each season so i thought today i'd share my top 5 must haves for this winter, i do love winter fashion.

My first staple piece would be BOOTS...

A pair of boots is gonna be an every day wear for me. I reallllyyyy love knee high boots and i haven't even got a pair (crazy, i know!)....and i would have bought some too if i wasn't going to Australia in just under 3 weeks. They go so nice with almost anything and make an outfit look so trendy. But also having other options is good too, ankle boots, heeled boots, ugg boots many to choose and i just love them!

2nd clothing item would be a JUMPER...

An oversized jumper is one of my faves, also a jumper I'm wearing in the pics above. I love the big turtle neck too, it's so cosy and warm. Paired with tights and boots...OMG, I'm in love! Even a cosy sweater jumper or hoody is so nice to chuck on with outfits if your going for the casual look or just lounging about at home, i love that style so always make sure i have plenty in my wardrobe.

3rd would be FLUFFY SOCKS...

I call them fluffy socks but maybe you would know them as bedtime socks? Any thermal fluffy socks win me over this time of year and anytime i see them i wanna buy more! Even the cosy slipper boots are the best things for winter. I always have mine on when lounging at home, my ankles get cold easily so always need something to keep them warm.

4th fashion item is a BOBBLE HAT...

Or any kind or warm hat but i think bobble hats are the best. I actually quite like the double bobble hats this year, they look pretty cool :)

5th and final item i would say you need is a pair of THICK TIGHTS..

Tights are great to wear, i love wearing skirts and dresses in the winter. Adding a thick cosy pair of tights will make it suitable for the weather but make the outfit look really trendy. Pairing boots with them or knee high socks make it a little bit warmer. It's all about the layering which is something i love about putting winter outfits together.

Do you have any staple items you always wear which i haven't mentioned? I do also love coats btw, i have a thing with coats...always wanna buy new ones and love so many different styles and colours and lengths...😻

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Hey, hope your all good? :) Christmas isn't far now, only 18 days to go (depending when your reading this) Who's excited? :) I'm not working over Christmas now as i handed my notice into work so my last day will be on the 22nd, then I'm flying on the 29th. I can't wait because i always end up in some job where i have to work over Christmas so it's nice to actually have time off!

Today i wanted to share this mascara that's from Revlon called ultimate All In One. They actually sent it out to me along with two other products that are new out this season. I am lucky to have been sent a few items from them before to try out and it's my own choice if i share them or not.
I felt like this mascara deserved a blog post tho as it is becoming a new favourite and anything i love i have to share with you :-D

I do have another fave mascara which is actually mega cheap and i think I'm gonna share that very soon on my blog cos it's one you also need to know about :)
Anyway this one from Revlon, to be honest didn't wow me at first, maybe it's because i already had a favourite and i usually stick with what i like! Once it had been applied tho i did change my mind and really liked the outcome. It's said to give volume, length, definition, lift and intense colour. It has a comb type brush too which are my favourite types. Because of the small brush head it makes getting to the lashes a whole lot easier and especially for the bottom ones. I have the colour Blackest Black but they also do Blackened Brown and a Waterproof Blackest. This is the average price for a mascara which is £9.99 and you can get it here.

You can also see me apply it in my latest #vlogmas youtube video here. I would love you to go check out my videos, if you didn't know i was doing vlogmas then check them out here :)

What is your favourite mascara at the moment? Don't forget to follow my blog as well so you don't miss the next beauty post, i can't wait to share my other fave mascara which only costs £2, i wonder if you can guess what one it is? :-D

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Hey everyone, how are you all? Who's hating this cold weather?? lol it's 2-3 degrees tomorrow...gonna be soooo cold!
So if you had read my latest blog post from Australia then i was looking into moving back out there, i had my ideas but nothing was confirmed.... > catch up here < and see all the amazing photos i took.

Well if you haven't already guessed from the title of this post...?! 😝 I can now confirm that i will be moving to Adelaide, Australia at the end of December πŸ˜„ YAY! I am moving on my own and it's the first time moving out from living with my Mum!

I hope you've been enjoying my vlogs on youtube by the way, i uploaded another one tonight > click here to watch < So in this post i thought i would give you information on my plans, the visa, flights, I tried to include as much info as i can to help anyone interested :)

My Visa...

As soon as i returned to the UK i hated it, i soon got myself into a depressive state and hated going back to work as well, just everything annoyed me and i wanted to go back to Australia so bad. It didn't take me long to look up and the holiday/working visa (subclass 417) seemed to be the best one which lasts for 12 months so i applied for it.
It was only the next day that i had a call from them to tell me it was approved and i paid for it over the phone. I was a little hesitant to pay out cos i was using the only money i had left in the bank (leaving me enough to get food till my next pay) but i thought 'I need to stop letting little things hold me back' so just went for it! I was literally jumping for joy once i'd done it and just to let you know it cost me £369 including vat which was £19.16. This visa card does give you discount on hostels, flights, insurance and other travel essentials. They do send everything out to you including a helpful travel guide with lots of info and a map. They help you set up your bank account out there with a tax number and you can buy a phone sim card through them that you collect at the airport when you arrive. I actually bought a pay as you go sim whilst i was out there recently tho so probably just use that and actually got mine from Woolworths for about $10 or $15? you then just top up your phone when you need it. I didn't even re charge mine cos most the time i'd only use the wifi and it connected for free in most places :)

Back Up Money & Flights...

So to get into the country you do need at least $5000 (£3723.80) in your bank account if you get a return ticket and $6000 (£4468.56) if you get one way. I've heard from some people that they moved over with 0 money in the bank which i don't get how cos it says it's something you need and you could be turned away at the airport if you don't, that's a risk I'm not willing to take! Instead of waiting months to save up i decided to get out a loan which i am so happy got accepted, i got it with my bank and the interest charge wasn't too bad. I am actually planning on just paying off a few things before i go and then keeping the rest for just getting into Australia. I then won't touch any of the loan unless i really need to and instead keep it in the bank to pay it back off. The whole time i'm in Aus i won't need to worry about making money to pay it off each month cos there will be enough there to cover that :) Happy days! I'm also getting a tax rebate which is gonna help, it's good to look into that before you move to Aus incase your owed anything.

I only then had to book my flight which was one way and i got a pretty good deal at for £735.48 and i fly on the 29th of December with Emirates, a good airline which i went with before. I go from Gatwick Airport (7 hours), change over is 1 hour 20 mins at Dubai and straight onto Adelaide from there (12 hours). You can get discount with your visa on STA travel and with some flights on there you can actually put down deposits, which is really good.
As soon as i booked the flights...i actually cried with happiness! I am literally on top of the world and can't actually believe this is happening, I will be in Australia for New years eve which I'm soon excited for! πŸ˜†Only thing to do still is get travel insurance and i handed in my notice at my work now so my last day will be on the 22nd of December so i get Christmas off which will be nice!

My Plans when i'm there...

So i won't be travelling around the country like i guess most would on this visa, i will be going to Adelaide and actually living with my boyfriend. I will look for a job once i get out there but you can only stay with a company for up to 6 months on this visa (you also can't study over there on this visa) You do have to work at least 3 months in certain work there like farming or construction to be eligible to apply for a second year visa. That is something i plan on doing cos this isn't a temporary trip for me, i would like it to be permanent. I'm also planning on learning to drive out there, i've done the odd lessons but never continued so it's something i want to make happen now, i feel like i'm finally being independent in my life and making something for myself, trying to make my dream a reality!

I think that's everything i could cover about moving to Australia and about the visa. If you have any questions tho then leave them in the comments.

Oh i might be vlogging my whole move....wait what am i saying...of course i'm gonna vlog the move lol and probably continue to vlog a lot whilst living out there so subscribe to my youtube channel to see here

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