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I love painting my nails and get excited when it comes to choosing new colours. I decided to go through my collection and share my top picks for summer. Every polish i share will also be linked under the photos. This is quite a photo based post but hope you enjoy :-)

Rimmel (Rita Ora) in colour Go Wild-er-nes (2 coats) - Click here

Rimmel (Rita Ora) in colour Peachella (2 coats) - Click here

Topshop Nails in colour Bright Green (2 coats) - Click here

Models Own Hedkandi in colour a Neon Coral (1 coat) I couldn't find exact one as i did buy it ages ago but found this one very similar - Click here

Models Own in the colour Sun Hat (2 coats) - Click here

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in colour Pomegranate (1 coat) - Click here

Number 17 Lasting Fix in colour Orange (2 coats) | I was unable to find this one anywhere as i had bought it ages ago! :/

(1 coat for both) These both had a base of glitter in them as you can see in the neon orange but not in the neon pink because i've had these for yeeeaaarrss! lol i have no idea how they haven't dried up already :-D
If you want to see more on this brand you can Click here

So i started to browse different fashion websites today as i'm going on holiday tomorrow! (ahhh!) :-D Can't wait! All tho it's too late to order anything now i just like getting excited by looking at all the fashion and to get some inspiration. I still haven't packed yet which i have to do later after work so i still need to plan my outfits! I'm such a last minute type of person...i wish i wasn't but it always seems to  happen that way!
So i saw so many nice outfits that it prompted me to do this blog post, instead of bombarding my twitter with individual posts of them all it's easier to put them all together on my blog. I ended up getting carried away with adding so much stuff below, i even added a few beauty products i saw which i love.

I guess this could help if your going on holiday or just want a new summer wardrobe. Hopefully it will give you inspiration and if you have the same style as me it saves you time browsing about and make your online shopping a whole lot easier.
You can just click on the item you like and it will take you straight to the page to see more info :-) Click the arrow on the right of the products to scroll through more...
(Everything will be a mix of budget and luxury)

I'm off on Holiday next week!!! woooopp!

I haven't been on a holiday since i was with my ex boyfriend, about 2 years ago when we went to Tunisia. You can check out my Travel posts from that and few other holidays i've been on HERE. The photo's I'm sharing in this post are from those holidays, i love looking back at them :-)

So anyway i am off next Wednesday (14th June) for a festival cruise with Shipsomnia and coming back on Sunday (18th). I've never been on a cruise before so I'm really excited. My grandparents have been on loads so i was asking them for any tips they had just the other day.

I am also travelling alone, i asked a few of my friends but it was quite short notice and one of my friends is actually on her honeymoon right now, she was the girl who just got married...if you saw my previous blog post HERE. I didn't know who else to invite and couldn't think of who would be into the partying side of this cruise so why not just go alone?! I'm the type of person who likes to take risks and try and make the most of life so can't rely on other people to do the things you love. Anyway i won't be alone...i'll have you guys, vlogging camera,lol

I have to catch a flight to Barcelona and then i booked a shared car/shuttle to take me to the cruise port. We will be sailing with Royal Carribean, Brilliance of the seas, going up to Ibiza and attending the Zoo Project party which OMG...I'm SO excited for!!! and then we then travel up to Sete, France and back to Barcelona. I won't go into everything that's happening in the trip cos i will share a blog post when i get back with loads of cool photos so make sure your following my blog so you don't miss it. You can follow with Bloglovin HERE if you like. I'm also gonna vlog it all and maybe film a few extra video's whilst I'm out there for my youtube channel so go subscribe HERE. :-)

I hope your excited to follow my journey up to and on this holiday, I'm so excited to share it all.
I've been trying to get fit quickly as this holiday was quite last minute, i only decided on this mid May? I had been meaning to get fit anyway but this holiday just gave me more of a push cos i wasn't doing very well tbh lol I am seeing a bit of a change now, I'm feeling a lot more confident...even tho theres not a huge difference i definitely feel much better and still got one more week for a final boost!

You can also follow me on other social media for daily updates. I will be posting pics to my Instagram, Instagram story, Snapchat and Twitter :-)

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