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Winter can be a tricky time for hair care. With all the cold and wet outside we often don’t feel like being proactive with our looks. The cool temperatures and harsh breezes can also damage strands and lead to frizz and dryness. That is why, despite our preference for wrapping up warm and ignoring hair chores, it’s important to keep your hair healthy during the colder season. To help you do just that here are our top tips on everything from locking-in moisture to protecting hair from the elements. Read on for a handy guide!

Moisturising: many different options

Due to the cold, wet and windy weather it’s absolutely vital to maintain the moisture content in your hair over the Winter months. Moisture makes hair supple, meaning it’s less likely to frizz or break. To make sure yours is glossy and soft whatever the weather there are a few different options:

1. Deep treatments. These tend to be thick creams that are applied to the hair and left for a few minutes at a time. Do a deep treatment 2-3 times a week during Winter, applying in the shower immediately after washing.

2. Everyday conditioners. On those days when you are not deep treating your hair, use a regular conditioner which is appropriate for your hair type.

3. Leave-in conditioners. Spray conditioners are particularly good for giving your hair a top up before facing the cold weather. Leave some by your front door and give your hair a good spritz right before you leave.

Cover your hair from the elements 

Keeping your hair healthy during Winter is all about protecting it from anything that will affect its condition. This is most likely to be the wind and rain so be sure to have suitable, hair-protecting garments like a coat with a proper hood and a sturdy umbrella. Sometimes damage to hair doesn’t just come from the natural world however. During the long Winter season, it can be tempting to do a lot of heat styling, for example with straighteners or curling tongs. Try not to do this too often as it can damage the hair strands. If you still want to rid yourself of curls without the risk of heat damage, learn how to straighten hair without heat here.

Avoid really hot showers

Although it’s tempting when you’re really cold, overly hot water can also damage the hair strands. Try taking a slightly cooler and shorter shower to show your hair that extra bit of love this Winter. It really will make a difference in the end.
Those are the top haircare tips for the cooler months. Be sure to protect yourself from the elements and condition well. Learn how to straighten hair without heat tools and keep your locks in good nick and you’ll be ready to enjoy the Spring sunshine when the season changes next year!


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Hellooooo, hope your all good? :-) Halloween is just around the corner, i love a good bit of horror so decided to share a inspired makeup look. I LOVE these sugar skull designs, you can get so creative with them as well, theres so many designs. This was my first attempt which i also filmed for my youtube. If you wanna see how i did this look, check out my video here. I'd love you to subscribe to my channel, i'm sharing another halloween look very soon which i just finished today :-)

This sugar skull look is really easy to do, i just used makeup products i had sitting in my makeup drawer so you most likely have what you need to create this look already at home. You can also use special halloween face paints but makeup worked fine for me.

Products used...

Aveda Foundation Concealer - Primark Rimmel Powder (stay matte) Sleek eyeshadow palette (I-Divine Au Natural) Black eye pencil - Primark Rep lip liner - Topshop


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In today's makeup post i am sharing an everyday natural look. This is the main look i go for daily, it's so quick and easy too...almost as quick as it's taken me to write this post,lol

Products i wore...

Concealer (Instant fix) - Primark
Face Powder (studio fix) - Mac
Bronzer (Bronze & Sculpt) - MUA
Blusher (Intant blush) - Revlon
Highlight (Photo ready) - Revlon
Eyebrows (The smokey eyes palette) - 17
Mascara (volume million lashes) - Loreal
Lip balm (starburst) - Lip smacker

If you wanna see a quick video of me doing the makeup then click here. I would really love you to subscribe to my youtube channel, i share lots of beauty and lifestyle videos :-)


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